Herb Weiner

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software engineer

Herb is a software engineer who works with C and C++, PostScript, User Interface Design, Unix and Networking, Mac and Sun workstations. He also spends much of his spare time playing with computers.

process improvement

Herb is experienced with CMMI based process improvement. He is an SEI Authorized Instructor for the Introduction to CMMI course.


Herb has earned several patents, including:

cook books

Herb is the co-author of Beyond Tacos: Mexican Cuisine, published by Kitchen Wisdom Publishing. Herb hopes to complete a dessert cookbook someday.

t shirts

One of the rumors about Herb is that he never wears the same T-shirt twice. Herb denies this rumor, but he does try to avoid repeats more than once per year. Clearly, Herb is an avid T-shirt collector with a large T-shirt budget.


Herb is an Oregon certified operator for public display of fireworks. He works with Western Display Fireworks on three to four fireworks shows each year.

marilyn is wrong

Here's a collection of interesting errors from the Ask Marilyn ® column published weekly in Parade Magazine.

my life

According to The Oregonian, my life is "Quite awesome. You are probably known as a 'colorful character' who's lots of fun at parties, full of rousing tales and anecdotes. Either that or you cheated."