Human Factors Lessons
from the Design of a Real Product

This Technical Report from 1985 is still relevant for the human factors lessons it presents. Perhaps even more interesting is that the software it describes is the predecessor of Adobe Illustrator.

The PDF version of this Report is a testamonial to the strength of Adobe's tools: Although the original Report was typeset in early 1985 using a pre-PostScript typesetter, the author was able to duplicate the appearance of the original Report using Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker, Distiller, and Font Library.

[Photo of Tektronix 4991S1] The Tektronix 4991S1 Graphic Input Workstation described in this Report earned numerous patents, including U.S. Patent Number 4,625,288, Issued November 25, 1986, Entitled Method and Apparatus for Creating a Structured Image Data Set based on Acquired Image Data, by Weiner at al.

This Report is Copyright © 1984, 1985 by Herb Weiner and Tektronix, Inc. Kitchen Wisdom Publishing would like to thank Tektronix for permission to republish this Technical Report on the World Wide Web.

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