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Ask Marilyn ® by Marilyn vos Savant is a column in Parade Magazine, published by PARADE, 711 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA. According to Parade, Marilyn vos Savant is listed in the "Guinness Book of World Records Hall of Fame" for "Highest IQ."

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She's Wrong!

Here are some columns where the original answer published by Marilyn is clearly wrong, with clear and simple explanations. In some cases, Marilyn has published a correction, but in most cases, the error was noted here first.

Correct, but Incomplete

In some cases, Marilyn's answer may be correct, but incomplete, and only deserves partial credit.

You be the Judge

Sometimes, Marilyn's columns are worthy of discussion even when Marilyn may not be wrong.

Unsubstantiated Reports

If I don't have the column, then it's just an unsubstantiated report. Help change unsubstantiated reports to facts by sending me the original.


I would be interested in obtaining copies of the following publications. I have received unsubstantiated information that these publications contain information on Marilyn's IQ test scores that would be of interest to my readers:


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